Knitting, Crochet and Cross-stitch

Ginny has a variety of cross-stitch items available.
These make great gifts for everybody!

Cross-stitch collection - see individual items below

See prices of items below - shipping is included!

Cross-stitch strawberry in padded cloth frame  -  $12.00

Cross-stitch rose picture in 8x10 gold frame - $20.00

5"x7" Floral cross-stitch pictures
$15.00 each  -  set of 2 for $25.00

5"x7" Vegetable cross-stitch pictures
$10.00 for one, $8.00 each additional

Cross-stitch Bookmarks $10.00 each

$7.00 each; 3 for $15.00

Cotton Dish Towels - $8.00 each

Tooth Pillows - $10.00 each

Cross-stitch towel bibs
$15.00 each

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